FasTrac Cultrual & Diversity Awareness Program

     -  FasTrac Quotes -

- Flo to know
- Until you know you can't grow
- One who does not know can know from learning
- My future is mines to have
- Change yourself to help others change
- Because it is your Perception don't make it real
- Control what you can and let the rest go
- Return the gift you were given
- You, yourself need to be open to change to change the perception of others

Who We Are

The FasTrac Program has been in operation in Iowa City, IA since December 3, 2007 as support program for high school students to assist with their academic performance, community involvement, social growth, identity, and preparation for college.  The goal of the program  is to focus on each student’s individual strengths and successes by bringing the FasTrac support system (students, parents, teacher advisors, community mentors, community advisors) together to understand the goal of educating and preparing students for their future. 


FasTrac is a student-driven program; all program support is driven by individual student needs.  FasTrac program is open for all high school students to apply.

FasTrac-E is open to all students in the 3rd thru 6th grades.

Kelly Ingram Park ( Freedom Park ) is considered by many as ground zero of the civil rights movement because of the events that took place here on September 15, 1963, when it finally opened the conscience of America. Water hoses and dogs were used on the crowd of peaceful civil rights protesters. Across from this park is the 16th Avenue Baptist Church.
Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum, Memphis TN. - Built in 1849 by Jacob Burkle, it served as a way-station on the underground railroad for runaway slaves; in the cellar is where slaves waited to escape north to freedom. There is a hole in the wall where slaves hid and crawled through. There are still four large maple trees in the yard that identified this house as a safe house for slaves seeking freedom.
Corky's BBQ, Memphis TN
Lorraine Hotel, Memphis TN
Isaac Hayes' car at the Stax Museum, Memphis
Lorraine Motel Memphis TN
Blues City Cafe, (Beal St.) Memphis TN
Elvis Presely Statue ( Memphis TN) )
The days visits were emotional for some students during reflection
Students wished Mr. Harper happy birthday
Dinner more BBQ
Images From Previous Civil Rights Tours
Stained Glass donated by the people of Wales 1965 artist John Petz-chose a depiction of a black Christ the left hand is raised in revolutionary protest and the right hand reconciling loss
Freedom Park - Birmingham AL
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute - next to 16th Baptist church, across from Kelly Ingram Park ( Freedom Park )
Beale Street Memphis TN - good music
Stax Museum ( soulville ) Memhis TN
Corky's BBQ - umm good
Students taking notes at Stax Museum
Reflection on the days events - Memphis TN
Blues City Cafe ( Beal st ) Memphis TN
Leaving The National Civil Rights Museum ( Lorraine Hotel )Memphis TN
Students taking notes in Memphis TN
Birthday celebration @ Corky's BBQ Memphis TN

Fas Trac: The Meaning Behind the Name

– Free to chose my own future

A – Accountable for my choices

S – Self Motivation


T – True to myself

R – Respectful of others before me

– Acceptance of change

C – Can if I try

Students reflecting on the days visits in Memphis TN